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One  of the foundations of this family history was a book and family tree published by Vinnie E. Knappenberger of Greensburg, PA in 1916 entitled History of the Johann Erhart Knappenberger Freundschaft from 1749 to 1916. 
Her research was based primarily on family tradition, and much of her information was invaluable especially relating to Conrad Knappenberger's descendants; however, some of her history has been proven to be inaccurate based on new information and research.


AT LEFT  Vinnie E. Knappenberger (1870-1966)




A very special thanks and recognition goes to Mrs. Dorothy Elsie Worman Swezak of Allentown, PA who researched the family and published a book in 1990 entitled Gilbert, Knappenberger, Jarrett & Allied Families.   Her research on early German ancestors and the original 1700s immigrants especially the descendants of J. Michael's son, J. Henry, was an invaluable resource.  Dorothy's research and book was a wonderful foundation upon which we have expanded.  She was the researcher to determine which sons belonged to Erhard and which ones belonged to Michael.  Her genealogical skills are unrivaled and are truly appreciated and admired.  Dorothy Elsie Worman was born 26 May 1917 and died 21 January 2007.


AT LEFT  Dorothy Elsie Worman (1917-2007)



The catalyst for this project was the interest and research provided by Richard Heckman and Gertrude Keirn, descendants of Conrad Knappenberger via his grandson, John Knappenberger of Armstrong County, PA.  They were the ones to "discover" Dorothy Worman's book and then added further knowledge of the family through their own personal research.  They first put the family tree information onto a computer database.  These two cousins then passed on their enthusiasm and interest to me, Sue Appleton, who expanded the project to include all Knappenbergers.  A very special thanks goes to my father, Allen J. Knappenberger of Armstrong County PA, who instilled in me a desire to learn more about our family and made me proud to be a Knappenberger.


In recent years, new genealogical tools and research have come online making it possible to further the Knappenberger family history.  Many holes have been filled and many new branches found.  The purpose of this family history project and website is to give all Knappenberger "cousins" an opportunity to make family connections not only back to Germany but to each other as well.  We have enabled a number of Knappenbergers around the country to make those connections to earlier generations as well as to current relatives.  Many times we've read emails that stated, "I didn't think that I had any relatives and now I do!"  This has been the greatest accomplishment from this project.  With the help of "cousins" around the country, we hope to continue this family project.  Special thanks to proofreader and researcher extraordinaire Bill Lutz, son of Mary "Sue" Knappenberger!




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