Johan Erhard


Philip Frederick



Solomon (1785-?) 
Jonathan (1787-1850) > 13 Children
Elisabeth (1790-?)
Veronica (1792/1799-1825)
Dietrich (1790/1800-?)




Philip Frederick Knappenberger worked on his father's farm and did not marry until later in life.  He fought in the Revolutionary War and served as a 1st Lieutenant in the Second Battalion, Northampton County Militia under Captain John Morritz.   Philip also served as a Frontier Ranger after the war.  A powder horn is in the possession of Lehigh County Historical Society that has the name "Phillip Frederich Knappenberger" inscribed.


In 1784, he married Margaret Laury, daughter of Michael Laury, who was most likely a neighbor.  In 1788, he was assessed as a farmer owning eighty acres of land, two horses and one cow in Whitehall Township, PA.  After Erhard's death in 1776, it is believed that Philip took over the original land tract and the care of his mother.  (His older brother, William, had died in 1774).  It seems that Philip lost the family land in 1792 when Philip and his wife together with their children moved to a home owned by Peter Neihart in Whitehall Township, Northampton (later Leigh County), PA.


There is confusion between the two brothers, Philip Frederick, and Philip Adam, and their respective children.  Both men seemingly married women named Margaret and may have some children with the same first names.   Work continues to be done to try and clear up the confusion.






Solomon was born 24 February 1785 in Whitehall Township, Northampton County, PA.  Tax lists for North Whitehall Township of 1813-1815 show that he was still single.  Nothing further is known about him.




Jonathan was born 24 January 1787 in Whitehall Township, Northampton County, PA (later Lehigh County) and died March 1850 in Northampton County, PA from cholera.  Jonathan married Susanna STOUT September 15, 1811.  She was born about 1792 in PA.  Two of Jonathan's and Susanna's children, Peter and Abraham, moved with their families to Ohio.   Abraham moved his family to Seneca County, Ohio and Peter moved his family to Medina County, Ohio.  Jonathan and Susanna had thirteen children in all.  Read more about this family by clicking on the name above.




Elisabeth was born about 1790 in PA.  An Elisabeth Knappenberger had a son baptized at the Egypt Church whose father's name was Robert Nelson.  This would indicate that they were not married at the time.  This son's name was also Robert Nelson, and he was born 19 August 1806.  No further information is known about her at this time.  There is confusion as to whether or not this Elisabeth may be the daughter of Philip Adam Knappenberger.




Veronica was born between 1792 and 1799.  Veronica married Reuben FAHRINGER.  They had one son, William Fahringer, born September 1824.  Veronica died November 1825.   No further information is known about her at this time.




Dietrich was born between 1790 and 1800.   We have no further information at this time about him.



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