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lAnna "Maria" (1844-897)  > 5 Children

Eugene Horatio (1849-1914) > 3 Children

John (1851-1911)

Sausman (1853-1875)

Sarah (1854-1864)

Amanda Carrie (1855-1942) > 2 ChildrenAlfred L. (1858-1934)) > 1 Child

Benjamin Henry (1860-1936) > 9 Children

Charles C. (1863-1926) > 1 Child

Elizabeth "Lizzie" (1865-1939) >45 Children




Benjamin Knappenberger, son of "Henry" Knappenberger, Jr., was born 18 May 1818 in Lehigh County, PA and died 18 June 1891 in Rinard, Calhoun County, Iowa.  He was buried in Cedar Cemetery, Rinard, Calhoun County, Iowa.  While the Find A Grave website says, "Note: Civil War Veteran," the National Park Service website does not list him as having served as a Civil War soldier.  Also buried in this same cemetery are two of his children: Charles and Elizabeth.

Benjamin married Anna STAUFFER, known as Nancy, on 24 July 1842.  She was born 26 March 1820 in Longswamp, Berks County, PA and died 10 March 1897 in DeKalb County, Illinois.

In 1850, Benjamin and his wife, Nancy, along with two of their children, Marie and Eugene, were living in Upper Tulpchocken Township, Berks County, PA.  Benjamin was listed as a cooper.  Around 1854, the family first moved to Kane County, Illinois and then Kendall County, Illinois (1860s) and by 1880 had moved to Mayfield Township, DeKalb County, Illinois, where they lived on a 320 acre farm they rented from A.H. Arnold.

While part of the family remained in DeKalb County, Illinois, two brothers, Eugene Horatio and Charles C. along with a sister Elizabeth "Lizzie" moved to Iowa and settled near Fort Dodge.  Sometime in the 1880s, Benjamin probably with Nancy also moved to Iowa.  There Benjamin died in 1891 and Anna returned to Illinois to live with her children who had stayed there including John, Amanda Carrie, and Benjamin Henry.  Another son, Fred, moved to Colorado.

In the Mayfield Cemetery of Mayfield Township, DeKalb County, Illinois [also known as Brush Point Cemetery] the family burial plot includes Anna (1820-1897), Sausman (1853-1875), Sarah (1854-1864), and John (1851-1911).  Also buried there is a Charles August Knappenberger who died in 1879.   We are unsure who this Charles is at this time but he may be another child of this couple or a grandchild.


Benjamin Knappenberger's tombstone in Cedar Cemetery, Rinard, Calhoun County, Iowa






Anna Maria was born5 November  1844 in Berks County, PA and died5 February 1897 in DeKalb County, Illinois.  She married Freeman L.CAMPBELL, son of George W. Campbell and Rebecca Leighton,  on 10 May 1867 in Kendall County, Illinois. Freeman was born February 1845 in Maine and died 18 December 1925 in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California..  Theyare buried in Kingston Cemetery, DeKalb County, Illinois.  They  had five children.


1. KittyMae. Campbell was born 15 March 1868 in DeKalb County,Illinois and died 25 February 1925 in DeKalb County,  Illinois.  She married FrankC. KLECKNER on 30 December 1886.  Frank was born 17 Nov 1866 in St. Joseph County, Michigan and died 31 march 1954 in DeKalb County, Illinois.  They are buried in Kingston Cemetery, DeKalb County, Illinois.  They  had two children

a.  Ina M.  Klecknerwas born  19 December 1888in DeKalb County, Illinois  and diedthere  26 February1983.  She  married William C.Mason on 8 Dec 1909.  William was born 26 Dec 1887 and died July 1975.  They are buried in Maple Cemetery, Kirkland, DeKalb County, Illinois.

b.   Roy D. Klecknerwas born  4 February1894 in DeKalb County, Illinois and died 11 Oct 1989 in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona.  He married Sarah E. Rogers who was born 14 May 1896 in Manchester, England and died 3 May 1980 in Pima County, Arizona.  They are buried in East Lawn Palms Cemetery, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona.


2. Eugene  Melville Campbell was born1 January  1873 in DeKalb County,Illinois and died 1960 in Oklahoma.  He was buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Wheatland, Oklahoma County, OK.  He married Maragaret A. Ryan in 1898.  Margaret was born 10 May 1874 in Ireland and died 17 Nov 1925 in Boone County,  Illinois  Che was buried in St. james Cemetery, Boone County, Illinois.   They had four children:  Clarence E Campbell, Donald J. Campbell, John Kenneth Campbell and Marie W. Campbell..


3.  Lula Campbell was born November 1878 in DeKalb County, Illinois.


4.  Sarah Campbell was born March 1882 in DeKalb County, Illinois.


5.  Alma(or Una?)  Campbell was born in November 1886 in DeKalb County, Illinois.




Eugene Horatio was born 6 December 1849 in Berks County, PA and died 25 January 1914 in Storm Lake, Buena Vista County, Iowa.  He married Louisa ROSSMAN, daughter of Fite G.Rossman and Betsy Ann Ploss on 1 Jan 1880 in Sycamore, Illinois. Louisa  was born28 September 1861 near Beloit, Wisconsin  and died 20 June 1920 in Storm Lake, Buena Vista County, Iowa.  This couple lived in Farnhamville, Calhoun County, Iowa.  Theyare buried in Storm Lake Cemetery, Buena Vista County, Iowa  They  had three children.


1. Luella M. Knappenberger was born 5 October 1881 in Illinois and died February 1975 in Phoenix,Maricopa County,  Arizona.  She was first married to Josiah DUDLEY, son of Andrew J. and Susan Dudley, on December 24, 1901.  Luella and Josiah had one son: Lynn Eugene Dudley.  Luella and Josiah divorced.  In 1910, Lynn was living with his father, Josiah, and his Dudley grandparents.  Josiah remarried sometime after 1910 and moved to Keith County, Nebraska with his new wife, Emma, and three stepchildren

 Luella later married Leroy C. MULLINS known as "Roy", son of William Mullins and Ann Andrews, on 17 March 1909. Roy was born 26 March 1881 in Storm Lake, Buena Vista County, Iowa and died 16 December 1962.  Luella and Roy lived on a farm near La Mars, Iowa and had no children.  In the 1920 census and 1930 census, Lynn was living with his mother and her second husband.


a. Lynn Eugene Dudley was born 12 October 1902 in Webster County, Iowa and died August 1975 in Glendale, Maricopa County, Arizona.  He married Hertha BOECHER who was born 6 September 1909 in Germany and died December 1977 in Glendale, Arizona.  Lynn and Hertha had one daughter: Donna Mae Dudley (8 June 1932-26 May 1986) who married Vernon SINGLE.


2. Edna Belle Knappenberger was born 27 February 1897 inCalhoun County,  Iowa and died 1 May 1988 in Sacramento County, California.  She married ForrestHenry. LICHTENBERG, son of Henry Lichtenberg and Rosanna Hilton,on 13 October  1917 inWoodbury County, Iowa.    Forrest was born 10 April 1892 in Fort Dodge, Iowa and died55 April 1963 in Sacramento County, California.  This couple had two children.


a.  Charlotte Jean Lichtenberg born 17 April 1920 in Ft. Dodge, Iowa and died 4 May 1988 in Sacramento, California.  Charlotte married William "Bill"Grant  HESSER, son of JohnHenry Hesser  and MaudeEthel Coan.    Bill was born20 September  1917 inft. Dodge, Iowa and died 3 February 2009 in Sacramento County, California...


b.  Dean E. Lichtenberg born 22 March 1928 in Ft. Dodge, Webster County, Iowa and died 24 June 2004 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  He married AnnC.  Gordon, daughter of Robert Gordon and Virginia Case in 1954.  Ann was born 18 June 1932 in Columbus, Indiana and died in 1974.  They had two sons, Eric and Greg.  Dean married Barbara Hammond in 1976.


3. Joseph Eugene Knappenberger was born 11 August 1901 in Farnhamville, Calhoun County, Iowa.  He died 27 August 1950 in Oxnard, Ventura County, CA and was buried in Storm Lake, Iowa with his parents.  Joseph married Iola Josephine ANDREWS, daughter of Everett Chris Andrews and Daisy Mae Campbell, on 28 June 1936 in Humboldt, Iowa.  Iola was born 19 July 1914 in Emmestburg, Iowa.  This couple had one son, PaulEugene Knappenberger who was born 7 February 1947 in Ventura County, California and died 22 January 2015..




John was born 1851 in Berks County, PA and died 10 December 1911 in DeKalb County, Illinois.  His obituary reads in part, "John Knappenberger died on Sunday last at the county house of dropsy and heart trouble.  He was 60 years of age (though his tombstone says 55 years) and lived in Sycamore or in this near vicinity most of his life, with the exception of a few years in Colorado.  He had been engaged in railroading and later in mining business.  He was not married.  There are surviving four brothers and two sisters:  Ben Knappenberger of Kirkland, Fred of Colorado, Eugene and Charles of Ft. Dodge, Iowa, Mrs. Lizzie Bean of Ft. Dodge, Iowa and Mrs. Amanda Southard of Kirkland.   He is buried in Mayfield Congregational Cemetery, DeKalb County, Illinois."




Sausman(sometimes spelled Sosman)  was born 1853 in Berks County, PA and died at the age of 22 in 1875 in Dekalb County, Illinois.  He is buried in Mayfield Cemetery in Dekalb County, Illinois.




Sarah was born in 1854.  She died at the age of 10 in 1864 in Dekalb County, Illinois.  She is buried in Mayfield Cemetery [Brush Point Cemetery] in Dekalb County, Illinois.




Amanda Carrie was born 11 December 1855 in Kane County, Illinois and died 24 February 1942 in Dekalb County, Illinois.  She married John S. SOUTHARD on 26 September 1877 in Oregon, Ogle County, Illinois.  John was born 15 October 1844 in Lycoming County, PA and died 19 December 1904 in Kirkland, Dekalb County, Illinois.  His death was due to a train accident.  This couple is buried inMaple Cemetery, Kirkland Illinois...  They had two children.


1. Maude S. Southard was born 17 September 1882 in Kirkland,Dekalb County,  Illinois and died 21 April 1966 in Genoa, Dekalb County, Illinois.  She married NelsonS.  JOSLYN whowas born about 1883 in Michigan and  died 1962 in Sycamore, Illinois.  This couple had no children  They are buried in Maple Cemetery, Kirkland, DeKalb County, Illinois..


2. Charles Wesley Southard was born 4 July 1895 in Kirkland, Dekalb County, Illinois and died 2 October 1961 in Genoa, Illinois.  He married Jessie AvaMONTGOMERY, daugther of Nathan and Elisa Montgomery,  on 18 August 1921 inChicago Illinois..  Jessie was born 20 October 1898 in Lexington, Scott County, Indiana and died 13 April 1967 in Genoa, Illinois. They are buried in Genoa Community Cemetery, DeKalb County, IL.   This couple had two children

a.:  Clifford EdwardSouthard (known as Mike) who was born 27 March 1925 in Freeport, Illinois and died 17 December 2005 in Maryland.

b.   Mary Lou Southard who was born 15 September 1929 in Elgin, Illinois and died 17 Jan 2004 in Illinois.  She married Francis Joseph McInerney, son of Frank and Julia McInerney, on 9 June 1951 in Elgin, Illinois.  Francis (known as Mac) was born 19 March 1925 in LaSalle, Illinois and died 17 October 2004 in Illinois.  Theya re buried in St. Anthony's Cemetery, LaSalle County, Illinois




Fred L. was born February1858) in Kane County,  Illinois anddied1934  in Eagle County, Colorado.  He is buried in Cedar HillCemetery, Eagle County, Colorado.  .   He was listed in the Leadville, Colorado directories for the years of 1888-1890 as a Union Pacific Railroad switchman.  It seems that Fred shortened the last name to KNAPPENBERG.  The 1900 census lists his birth date as February 1861; however, the 1860 census lists him as "Alfred, age 2" and the 1870 census lists him as "12 years of age".  Fred married Harriet A. WEBER about 1896 in Colorado.  She was born 20 March 1876 in England and died 22 March 1944 in Santa Barbara, California.  Fred and Harriet ran a store and post office in Burns, Colorado for many years.  It seems this couple had only one child.


1.Frederick   L. Knappenberg(er),Jr..  In some places his name is given as Frederick Glee Knappenberg.  Fred  was born12 June 1905 in Leadville, Lake County  Colorado and 4 October 1932 in Goldfield,Esmeralda County,  Nevada from a car accident.  He had been married about 1928 in Burns, Colorado to GertrudeIda  DAY who was born about 1908 in California.  Fred, Gertrude and his widowed mother, Harriet, were living in Santa Barbara, California in the 1930 census.  At that time according to the census, Fred was 25 years old, Gertrude was 21 and Harriet was 56.


a. Fred and Gertrude had a daughter named Corlyss Mae Knappenberger who was born25 May 1931 in Santa Barbara, California.  She was only 16 months old at the time of her father's death   We know nothing further of Corlyss at this time..



Benjamin  Henry was born 2 April 1860 in Yorkville, Kendall County, Illinois and died 9 May 1936 in Sycamore, DeKalb County, Illinois.  Ben's obituary reads in part, "The decedent was a man of genial disposition, was an ardent out-of-doors enthusiast and was well known, both here and in his former communities, as an expert gardener and business man."  He married Margaret"Emma"a HOLMES on 22 December 1886 in Kirkland, Illinois.  Margaret was the daughter of George Holmes and Ann Greenhow.  She was born 26 June 1860 in Dekalb County, Illinois and died 28 August 1951 in Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois.  This couple is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Sycamore, Illinois.  This couple had nine children.


 Benjamin Henry Knappenberger



1. Earl B. Knappenberger was born 13 October 1889 in Kirkland and died 30 December 1978 in Stoughton, Rock County, Wisconsin.  He married Iona Bell WYKE, daughter of William Wyke/Wike and Louise Nichols, on 14 March 1914.  Iona was born 23 December 1893 in Dekalb County, Illinois and died 9 May 1957 in Stoughton, Rock County, Wisconsin.  Earl enlisted in the military service on 3 October 1942 in Pennsylvania. They are buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, Evansville, Wisconsin.   This couple had four children.


a. Arthur Earl Knappenberger was born 10 February 1915 in DeKalb County, IL and died 9 June 1994 in Rock County, Wisconsin.  He married Bernice Elaine JOHNSEN, daughter of Aksel Edward Johnsen and Ethel V. Hyne, on 1 October 1937.  Bernice was born 5 June 1915 and died 13 May 2002 in Rock County, WS.   They had 5 children:  Gary Earl Knappenberger(9 May 1938-25 July1969)  who served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, James Edward Knappenberger, Kay Janice Knappenberger, Dennis Ralph Knappenberger(born 6 September 1944 and died 26 March 2017)   who served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, and Carol Ann Knappenberger


Dennis Ralph Knappenberger (6 Sept 1944 in Wisconsin and died 26 March 2017 in Florida)  married Clementine JURADO in 1969.  They had two children:  Jeffrey Alan Knappenberger and Diana Lynn Knappenbergerwho was  born 10 Jan 1972 and died 4 October 2015 in Florida.  Diana was a firefighter and died in a motorcycle accident leaving as survivors two children:  Matthew andSarah.



b. Ralph William Knappenberger was born 11 March 1920 in DeKalb County, IL and died 4 October 1984 in Evansville, WS He is buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, Evansville, Wisconsin.   He  was a prisoner of war in the Pacific during World War II.  Ralph first marriage was to Joyce Bernadine Brown in 1946.  This marriage ended in divorce.  They had 2children:  Janet Iona and Guy William.   Ralph married Marguerite V.Hazelett and they  had onechild:  Julie Ann..


c. Marjorie Louise Knappenberger was born 25 March 1922 in DeKalb County, IL and died 28 July 2004 in Winnebago County, Illinois.  She  married Richard Evart WHITE, Sr., son of Otto O. White and Goldine L. Evart in 1947.  Richard was born 13 November 1921 in IL and died on 30 November 1961 in Illinois. Theyare buried in Willwood Burial Park, Winnebago County, Illinois.  They  had twochildren:  Victoria Louise and Richard E.  ..


d. Mary Anna Knappenberger was born11 March 1927 in Evansville, Wisconsin and died 7 Jan 2012 in Winnebago County, Illinois..  She married Gerald Wilfred LEDEN, son of Wilford Emil Leden and Mildred Regina Turnrose, in 1947. Jerryd was born 3 August 1925 in Rockford, Illinois and died 20 February 2009.  He is buried in Sunset Memorial Gardens.   They had 4children:  Gregory Gerald, William Earl, Cynthia Sue and Jeffrey Alan..


2. Glenn Knappenberger was born 22 June 1891 in Franklin Township, Dekalb County, Illinois and died 15 December 1974 in Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois.  Glenn married Josephine Angeline LONG, daughter of Joseph Long andCharityy Ellen Coleman, on 10 November 1917 in Kane County, Illinois.  Josie was born 14 March 1882 in Amboy, Illinois and died 12 February 1964 in Winnebago County, Illinois.  This couple had no children  They are buried in Greenwood Cemetery..


3. Floyd Knappenberger was born 7 March 1893 in Kirkland, DeKalb County, Illinois.  He died 11 February 1977 in Centralia, Washington County, Illinois.  Floyd married Elva ARMSTRONG in 1920.  Elva was born 17 March 1896 in Illinois and died January 1983.  Floyd and Elva had no children.


4. Laura Ann Knappenberger was born 13 August 1894 in Kirkland, DeKalb County, Illinois.  She died 16 July 1981 in Riverside County, California.  She married Merle C. WORDEN, son of James H. Worden and Nora Casler  on 22 September 1915  Merle was born 1 March 1895 in South Grove, DeKalb County, IL and died 26 April 1976 in Riverside County, California. They are buried in Mountainview Cemetery, Riverside, California.   This couple had four children.


a. Howard Mason Worden born 11 June 1916 in DeKalb County, IL and died 29 May 1998 in Los Angeles County, California.


b. James Laverne Worden born 12 November 1919 in DeKalb County, IL and died 15 July 2004 in Riverside County, California.


c. Robert Earl Worden born 16 January 1927 in Clay County, Florida and died 26Marchh 1995 in San Diego County, California.


d. Glenn M. Worden was born 1929 in Florida.


5. Guy Robert Knappenberger was born 29 June 1896 in Kirkland, DeKalb County, Illinois and died 2 July 1993 in Boone County, Illinois.  He married Pearl Marion PAULSON, daughter of Peter Paulson and Maria Johnson, on 18 July 1917 in Rockford, Illinois.  Pearl was born 13 August 1895 in Kirkland, Illinois and died 2 September 1981 in Kirkland, Illinois. They are buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, Kirland, DeKalb County, Illinois.   This couple had one son.


a. Ronald Robert Knappenberger was born 29 June 1918 and died 29 June 1918   He was buried in Porter Cemetery, Ogle County, Illinois..


6. Lila Knappenberger was born 18 October 1897 in DeKalb County, Illinois and died 13 October 1989 in Sycamore, Dekalb County, Illinois.  She married Carl Edward MEDINE on 5 July 1917 in DeKalb County, Illinois.  Carl was born 5 April 1894 in Kingston, Illinois and died 2 February 1987 in DeKalb County, Illinois.  This couple had five children.


a. Virginia Medine was born 13 January 1918 in DeKalb County, IL and died 12  April 1997 in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  She married Gary Lynn and later married Bob Peet.


b. Everett W. Medine was born 21 September 1921 in DeKalb County, IL and died 28 May 1989 in DeKalb County, IL.  He married Peggy J. Moss in 1946.


c. MarciaLouise  Medine was born27 July 1923 in DeKalb County, Illinois.  .   She married DarrellForest, son of charles Forest and Myrtle Erickson on 18 June 1943.  Darrell was born 5 April 1923 in Clark County, Wisconsin and died 16 April 2006 in DeKalb County, Illinois.  He is buried in Fairview Park Cemetery..


d. Dorothy Elaine Medine born 1925.   She married James J. Graham who was born 15 January 1923 in Indiana and died 2 December 1987 in DeKalb County, IL.


e. Lyle E. Medine born 1931 who married Patricia Holmes.


7. Wilda Knappenberger was born 4 August 1899 in Sycamore, DeKalb County, Illinois and died 27 September 1982 in Sycamore, Dekalb County, IL.  She married Harry Conrad CARLSON, son of Hokan Carlson and Selma Quist, on 14 February 1920 in Sycamore.  Harry was born 10 May 1898 in Dekalb County, Illinois and died 31 October 1984 in DeKalb County, Illinois.  This couple had three children.


a. Margaret Eileen Carlson was born 1 August 1920 in DeKalb County, IL and died 18 February 1961 in DeKalb County, IL.   She married Everett F. JOHNSON on 14 October 1939.  Everett was born 28 September 1918 in DeKalb County, IL and died there on 21 June 1996.


b. Barbara Jean Carlson was born 5 November 1923 in DeKalb County, IL and died there on 10 October 2003.  She married Spencer Allen VOLPP, son of Gustav Volpp and Maude Haygreen on 9 February 1946.  Spencer was born 7 June 1924 in Kane County, IL and died 16 January 1992 in McAllen, Texas.


c. Gladys Marion Carlson was born 31 December 1925 in DeKalb County, IL and died 17 May 2003 in Kane County, IL.  She married Harold K. JONES on 24 August 1946 Harold was born in 1920..


8. MaryJ.  Knappenberger was born 31 July 1901 in Dekalb County, Illinois and died 16 January 1982 in Largo, Pinellas County, Florida.  Mary married John William HALLOTT who was born 1 January 1895 in Belvidere, Illinois and died 18 September 1977 in Largo, Pinellas County, Florida.  This couple had no children.


9. ZaidaEdna  Knappenberger was born 12 December 1904 in Dekalb County, Illinois and died 31 October 1993 in Boone County, Illinois.  Zaida(sometimes spelled Zada)  married Lyle MarionVOSBURGH, son of Ernest and Minhnie Vosburgh,   on 21 May 1924 in Dekalb County, Illinois.  Lyle was born 16 August 1902 in Genoa, Illinois and died 22 October 1958 in Dekalb County, Illinois.  This couple had one daughter.


a. Roberta Vosburghwas born and died  on 25 May1925 in DeKalb County, Illinois.  She was buried in North Kingston cemetery, DeKalb County, Illinois..




Charles C. was born 26 March 1863 in Kane County, Illinois.  He died 10 June 1926 in Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa and is buried in Cedar Valley Cemetery, Somers, Calhoun County, Iowa.  Charles married Martina FREMMING on March 5, 1895 in Ft. Dodge, Webster County, Iowa.  Martina was born May 1877 in Norway.  In the 1900 census, they had one child   It seems that they divorced and may have had another child as well.


The 1900 census for Ft. Dodge, Webster County, Iowa lists Charles C. Knappenburg as born March 1864 in Illinois and married 5 years to Martina, born May 1877 in Norway and their one child, Mable A., born Dec 1895 in Iowa.  Charles was a laborer for the railroad.

The 1910 census for Ft. Dodge, Webster Co., Iowa lists Charles Knapenberg as 40 years of age, born in Iowa and divorced.  He is a lodger and a painter in a paint shop.

The 1910 census for Ft. Dodge, Webster County, Iowa lists Martina Knapenberg as 32 years of age, born in Norway and divorced.  She is listed as a laundress who arrived in this country in 1892.  The census indicates that she had given birth to two children both of whom were alive in 1910.  However, neither child is living with her or their father, Charles Knappenberg.



1. Mable A. Knappenberger was born in December 1895 in Iowa.




Elizabeth "Lizzie" was born 9 August 1865 in Illinois and died 30 November 1939 in Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa.  Lizzie married Eli BEAN, son of Ole Bean, on 22 September 1885 in Calender, Webster County, Iowa.  Eli was born 9 June 1857 in Norway and died 22 October 1932 in Ogden, Weber County, Utah.  Lizzie and Eli moved to Ogden, Utah in 1929 but upon his death, Lizzie moved back to Fort Dodge, Iowa.  Her obituary reads in part,  "Mrs. Bean was widely known in the community.  She was a great home lover and always very close to her children, her happiest times being spent with them."   She was buried in Cedar Valley Cemetery, Calhoun County, Iowa.  This couple hadfoure children.


1. Benjamin F. Bean was born 9 October in 1886 inWebster County,  Iowa and died 20 January 1965 in San Diego County, California He married Velma HEDMAN who was born 1887 and died 1924 in Ft. Dodge, Webster County, Iowa.  She is buried in St. Olafs Cemetery there.   They had five children:

a.  Catherine  Bean was bornabout 1910 in Webster County, Iowa.  She married Ralph Monroe Hanson on 28 May 1927.

b.  Winifred Blanche Bean was born 25 May 1913 in Webster County, Iowa.

c.  Maxine Delores Bean was born 5 March 1915 in Webster County, Iowa.

d. Beatrice Bean was born abt 1918.

e. Velma or Wilma Bean was born about 1923.


 Benjamin married on 3 May 1927 in Calhoun County, Iowa to Margaret L. Coffee, daughter of Michale F. Coffee and Elizabeth Burns.  Margaret was born about 1887 in Dubuque Iowa.


f.   They had a son, Benjamin F. Bean, Jr. born about 1928 in Ft. Dodge, Webster  County,Iowa.


2. Obidiah Henry Bean was born 1 April 1889 in Webster County, Iowa and died 19 Oct 1954.  Hee marriedHulda Maria Nelson, daughter of Andrew Nelson and Emma Carlson, on 25 October 1919.  Hulda was born Sept 1894 in Iowa.


3..  LouettaBlanch. Bean was born 31 March 1897 inWebster County,  Iowa and died 4 November 1961 in Los Angeles County, California  She marriedErnest Vern Beach (1892-1974).


4.  Leonard O. Bayne (changed spelling)  was born26 Jan 1901 in Webster County,  Iowa and died4 may 1974  in Los Angeles County, California  He married Myrtle Mae Martyn, daughter of Arthur Martyn and Mae Sauer on 22 June 1922 in Ft. Dodge, Webster County, Iowa.  He later married Thelma Garner, daughter of Phillip Garner and Lula Morris.  Thelma was born about 1902 in Utah.







Charles August died at one year of age.  Although Anna would have been 58 years of age at the time of Charles' birth, we are currently placing him as her child because he is buried with Benjamin and Anna and other children of this family.  Until we learn otherwise, we will leave him here (January 2017).  However, since they had another son named Charles, we are assuming that Charles August Knappenberger born 1878 is a grandchild but we do not know at this time whose child he was.



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