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AT LEFT   Centennial Quilt constructed by G. Knappenberger, who was probably Gertrude Wendling Knappenberger (1815-1888), about 1876 in Pennsylvania commemorating our nation's 100th birthday.  It was exhibited at The Quilt Gallery [19 East 80 Street, New York City], published in a calendar for the 1976 US Bicentennial, and is now owned and displayed at the Folk Art Museum of New York City.


Conrad Knappenberger Descendants Reunion


Looking back over early reunion correspondence, it seems there was a family reunion for Knappenbergers held every year early in the 20th century with the last ones held in 1928 and 1938.  These were typically held in Western PA and primarily for descendants of Conrad Knappenberger.


For instance, the Seventh Annual Reunion was held for the Conrad Knappenberger Family on 15 June 1912 at Lenape Park in Ford City, PA - which would indicate that they started in 1906.  In 1918, there was a special reunion at Denmark Manor Church commemorating the 100th anniversary of Conrad's death in 1818 with the unveiling of a new headstone that was entitled "Conrad Knappenberger  1747-1818"    Knappenbergers from all over the country were typically invited and many sent letters of regret for not being able to make the journey.


Are you interested in a family reunion for descendents of Conrad Knappenberger? To hold such a reunion will require months of planning and assistance from many cousins.  No date has been set.   If you would be willing to help with such a reunion, please contact Sue Knappenberger Appleton at


70th Birthday party for Jacob Knappenberger, Jacob Knappenberger Farm, Girty, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, 17 February 1906
[photo graciously provided by Dorothy Hamilton Knepshield, great granddaughter of John Knappenberger of Armstrong County]

STANDING 5th From Left: Samuel Augustus Knappenberger

STANDING 4th From Left: Mary Matilda Miller Knappenberger

SITTING 2nd From Left: Lucinda Knappenberger Klingensmith

SITTING 3rd From Left: Henry Clay Knappenberger

SITTING 4th From Left: Jacob Knappenberger

SITTING 5th From Left: Daniel Knappenberger


Seventh Annual Conrad Knappenberger Reunion, Lenape Park, Ford City, Pennsylvania, 15 June 1912

[graciously provided by John D. Knappenberger, great-great-great-grandson of Conrad Knappenberger]


This photo depicts the Conrad Knappenberger reunion.  Those pictured could come from many differentbranches
of  the family of western Pennsylvania but primarily from the John and Anna Marie Knappenberger family.

SEATED (first row - left to right)

Joseph Emmitt Knappenberger (1878-1968) son of Jacob Knappenberger (1836-1922)

John Hester Knappenberger (1869-1939) son of Jacob Knappenberger (1836-1922)

POSSIBLY John A. Klingensmith (1868-1961) OR William Frantz Klingensmith(1871-1946)
both  sons of Lucinda Knappenberger Klingensmith (1843-1929)

George Marlin Knappenberger (1875-1931) son of Jacob Knappenberger (1836-1922)

John Lester Knappenberger (1876-1951) son of Henry Clay Knappenberger (1846-1932)

Earl Lewis Knappenberger (1885-1971) son of Henry Clay Knappenberger  (1846-1932)

STANDING (second row - left to right)

Frank Lee Knappenberger (1875-1946) son of Daniel Knappenberger (1833-1912)

Mary Belle Knappenberger Flickinger (1867-1957) daughter of Jacob Knappenberger (1836-1922)

Elida Zee Knappenberger Hamilton (1883-1958) daughter of Jacob Knappenberger (1836-1922)

POSSIBLY Nancy Catherine Knappenberger Silvis (1873-1952) daughter of Jacob Knappenberger (1836-1922)

POSSIBLY Lottie M. Knappenberger (1869-1956) daughter of Samuel Augustus Knappenberger (1840-1920)

POSSIBLY Minta Alice Knappenberger (1867-1944) daughter of Samuel Augustus Knappenberger (1840-1922)

POSSIBLY Maggie Mae Knappenberger Cramer (1890-1956) daughter of Henry Clay Knappenberger (1846-1932)



Knuppenburg-Turner Family Reunion


Saltsburg, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, 1911 or 1912

[photo graciously provided by Gail McTavish Perrone,

great great granddaughter of Emily Knuppenburg who is seated in the middle of the photo]


David Howard Turner, Lula (Adams) Turner, Albert  Leroy Turner, Lodica (Knuppenburg) Turner Byers, Laura (Turner)Buckwalter,
Jonah  Buckwalter, Joseph Miles, Melissa (Turner) Miles, William Duncan McTavish, Robie (Turner) McTavish, Sally Turner or AudreyTurner,
Lois  (Turner) Lindeman, Velma (Turner)  Wyant Bowser, Albert  Leroy Turner Jr., Milton Bailey Buckwalter, Margaret (Buckwalter) Plummer, Howard Buckwalter, Mildred (Buckwalter) Wesley,  Ruth Buckwalter, Russell Buckwalter, Leslie Paul Buckwalter, Emily (Hill)Knuppenburg,
Delbert  Miles, Robie Miles, James Mirrel McTavish



Eastern Pennsylvania Knappenberger Reunions


Reunions of the Eastern Pennsylvania Knappenbergers were held on a regular basis and included relatives who traveled from Indiana and elsewhere to get together with their cousins.  Donna Gilbert is interested in finding any photos from this reunion.  If  you are willing to share, please contact her at


Paul Vance Kunkle, PhD was born 28 May 1903 in Allentown, PA and died 29 November 1974 in Lehigh County, PA.

He was the son of Edgar Franklin Kunkle (1855-1937) and grandson of Catharine Clarissa Knappenberger (1826-1895)

and great-grandson of Philip Knappenberger, Jr. (1800-1884).